getting closer to the future

Striving beyond progression

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Vision and Objectives

Getting Closer to The Future

Since its founded, Al- Yasiry Group has developed an ambitious future action plan aimed at opening up to the global market, primarily the friendly State of China, with a view to enhancing trade and international cooperation in order to expand its scope of work and expand its customer base to new markets around the world, which will contribute significantly to enhancing the Group's ability to invest in new and different areas and to increase its workload to the country's economy in a very positive way.



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Consulting Services

Consider offering consulting services to your clients. With your group of companies' expertise, you can provide valuable insights and advice to help clients make better business decisions. This could include services such as business strategy consulting, financial consulting, or even technology consulting.

Branding and Marketing Services

As a group of companies, you likely have experience with branding and marketing. Consider offering services such as brand development, social media marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO) to your clients. These services can help your clients grow their businesses

Talent Acquisition Services

Many businesses struggle to find and hire the right talent. Consider offering talent acquisition services to your clients, which could include job postings, resume screening, and even interviewing and selection. With your group of companies' experience and network, you can help your clients find the best talent for their needs.

Future Planning

Striving beyond progression

Al- Yasiry Group believes in the country's need to keep pace with the development and openness to advanced global technology. It also believes in the global orientation towards clean energy that helps improve environmental behavior and contributes to reducing energy costs, increasing the efficiency of resource consumption, and thus improving market competitiveness and achieving economic and environmental benefits, therefore, Al- Yasiry Group put in the consideration investing in clean energy technologies and developing sustainable environmental strategies to achieve its economic and environmental objectives.





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